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¡Mira qué lindo soy! (O no ... XD)


I didn't know this widget!! XD
Sun Jul 15, 2012, 12:47 PM


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LOLILOL ! Soy un Stalker ! XD

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Sketch:Kiseki by Bakarasu
Voila un sujet que j'avais en tête depuis un moment .... ! Oui je sais normalement "Kiseki" c'est la partie de Len! et celle de Rin c'est "Kokoro", mais comme je suis pas un mouton, j'ai décidé d'inversé!

This is a subjet that I have in my mind since a long time...! YES, I know, normaly, "Kiseki" it's the Len's part of the sing, but I'm not like a sheep and I decided to invert between Len's Kokoro and Rin's Kiseki. !^^

Es una tema que tengo en mi cabeza desde largo tiempo... Si, lo sé, normalemente, "Kiseki" es la parte de Len en la cancion, pero, no soy un cordero y he decidido de cambiar entre el "Kiseki" de Len y el "Kokoro" de Rin.
Meow by Bakarasu
ça fait longtemps que j'ai pas poster dis donc ........ J'ai fais ce dessin pour le cadeau d'anniversaire d'un ami. J'ai décider d'y mettre Romano, Oh ... Romano en nekomimi.... LOL Je suis fan et Spain aussi!

Long time,not post hmm? I did this drawing for my friend's birthday gift. I decided to use Romano as model. Oh .... Romano is so cut in Nekomimi, I fan and Spain too XD
Los tiempos despreocupados by Bakarasu
Los tiempos despreocupados
Cette fois je voulais changer de gamme de couleur, avoir des ton un peu plus doux et un ensemble moins vif....... Mais je crois que je me suis loupé! :iconicamephailplz: Mais je suis quand même contant du résultat! 

Ce dessin représente Manila et Cebu lors du début de leur période colonial espagnol. En vrai, historiquement, les philippines sont sous contrôle mexicain (La Nueva españa) entre 1565 et 1821 et ne sont qu'en réalité sous le pouvoir Espagnol (de Madrid) qu'entre 1821 et 1898. Les Philippines sont donc la colonie d'une colonie) Cebu et Manila sont représentés enfant pour symbolisé le début de la période colonial espagnol. (Et enfaite, j'aurait dû dessiner Mexico avec....)


This time I wanted to change my usual color range, use more soft tonality and a composition less vivid... But I think I failed! 
:iconicamephailplz: But I'm still happy by the result!

The drawing depict Manila and Cebu at the begining of their colonial period. In true, historicaly, the Philippines was under the mexican domination (La Nueva España) between 1565 and 1821 and they are, in fact under the spanish rule (From Madrid) only between 1821 and 1898. (The philippines are the colony of a colony) cebu and manila are represented as children for symbolised the begining of the spanish colonial times. (In fact, I should draw Mexico with them......)


Esta vez, queria cambiar de gama de color, tener tonos mas suaves y une conjucto menos vivo...... Pero pienso que me fracasado.... :iconicamephailplz: Pero estoy feliz del resultado!

Ese dibujo representado Manila y Cebu En el comienzo de sus periodo colonial. Pero en verdad, Las Filipinas estaban sobre la dominacion mexicana (La Nueva España) entre 1565 y 1821 y estaban sobre la dominacion español (de Madrid) solamente entre 1821 y 1898. (Las Filipinas estaban una colonia de una colonia). Cebu y Manila son representado como niños para simbolizado el comienzo de la dominacion hispanico. (En realidad, deberia haber dibujar Mexico con ellos.........)
Sketch: Los tiempos despreocupados by Bakarasu
Sketch: Los tiempos despreocupados
Je voulais changer cette fois et faire un dessins avec un thème un peu plus doux au niveau des couleurs...


I wanted to change this time and make an illustration more soft about the colors.


Queria cambiar esta vez y hacer un dibujo con une tema mas suave con los colores
(LOL hace mucho tiempo que no he escrito en kastila sobre da XD)

Ito ay para sa lahat ng Pinoys (Or for the foreign XD)! Are you for the come back of the Spanish language in Pilipinas? (Please comment for give your opinion if possible ^^) 

33 deviants said 'Tang ina, oo!! Yes! The come back of our latin heritage, This is an opportunity to rediscover our roots and culture! 8D
6 deviants said Dude hindi !! Nooooooo, 'cause I speak American also! And American suck more than other languages ! 8D


Bakarasu's Profile Picture
Harrold Vicente
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
AHH! I really need to introduce myself ...? Santa mierda...

:iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz:


¡Hola! My name is Harrold Vicente, alias "Ciento" (Private joke with...). :iconimhappyplz:
I put vaguely my age 'cause year in year out I will change that ... :iconwthplz:
I LOVE ART ! drawing and Craft Stained glass, mosaic and draw in the manga style :iconimhappyplz:

I love Tomatoes and carrots !! It's my cute sin (LOLILOL the litteral translation of the french expression "Mon pêché mignon" :iconwthplz:)

I have a phobia of the cats !!!!!!! :icongreecewtfplz:

Mi favorit "Rouge Bordeau" 'cause it's a warm and cold color ... Two in one yeah !! :iconhawrhawrplz:

Personal quote : "¡¡Ven aqui o te arranco la cabeza!!"

:iconilavplz:¡¡¡SOY UN FAN DE YAOI!!!:iconilavplz:

:iconilavplz:¡¡¡SPAMANO ES UNA PAJERA DE PUTA MADRE!!!:iconilavplz:

:iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz: :iconcarriedoplz: x :iconsitalywtfplz:

More about me? (About aking guwapo !! :iconleleleplz:) My OC Hetalia data:

Country: Dating kolonya ng̃ Pilipinas - Ex colonia de Filipinas (Representing the Philippines under Spain's rule)
Name: Juan de la Villanueva Fernandez Carriedo
Nickname: Cebu, Juanito
Age: 19

Personnality: Hardworker, a bit vulgar (In usually expression), Tsundere, friendly

Like: Drawing, craft, labor

Dislike: The work ended badly and America...

-Can speak Spanish(Due of Spain's Rule), English(Due of America's rule), French ('Cause nowadays he works a lot in France), Tagalog
-He fell sleep instantly

My Hetalia Family:

Tatay Spain :iconspainsparklesplz:
kuya Romano :iconromanonoesplz:
maliit na Kapatid Pilipinas :iconchibifiriplz:
(Jerk) Kuya America :iconimtheheroplz:
Tito France :iconfrenchsquealplz:

A ouais ... Contrairement à ce que peuvent croire les français qui passent ici ... Je parle bien la france !! XD (Enfaite je parle Français,Anglais,espagnol,tagalog ... Donc bon ...)


Bakarasu has started a donation pool!
116 / 1,000
Point Commissions - Open by SweetDukePoint Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Usually, I don't make commission ... But ... .... POR FAVOR !!! HELP ME TO ESCAPE THE ECONOMICA DEPRESION !!!!!!:iconspaincryplz: I CAN DO COMMISSION FOR YOU !!


This is my prices for the commishs:

The prices are calculated like this:
Media of coloration + Forms of the commission + Type of Backgrounds + Options = Final price


-Coloration with Colored pencil = 3
-Coloration with Watercolor = 4
-Coloration with Marker = 5
-Digital = 8
-Mix Media (Ex: Marker+watercolor or pencil) = 7

-One charactere simple (Without the price of color) = 5
-Two characteres simple (Without the price of color) = 10
+5 depending on the number of character

-One charactere complex (Without the price of color)= 15
-Two characteres complex (Without the price of color)= 30
+15 depending on the number of character
-Chibi (Without the price of color)= 6


-simple (Withe or very simple) = 4
-normal (Without the price of color) = 7
-complex (without the price of color) = 10


-followed the sketch = 3

My specialties are : Yaoi, Shonen-ai, Hetalia, Pokemon, xXxHolic, VOCALOID, Blue Exorcist, Naruto.

But I can adapt according to your requests!

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Do you want a tutorial on my techniques of drawing? 8D 

40 deviants said Oh yes !! Fucking yes !! 'J'te jure ! ¡¡Es una idea de puta madre!!
2 deviants said Die !! Fucking NOOOO !! Tu déconne !? ¡Qué movida chunga!

Ma vie genialeuuuuh

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 3, 2014, 11:49 AM
  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: EVERYDAY I'DRINKING
  • Watching: My computer ... what else...?
  • Playing: Dofus
  • Eating: Baby carottes (mouhahaha)
  • Drinking: Infusion litchi mangue

Since few time, I decided to get back to draw seriousely! I always draw several drawing, but I didn't have the faith to continu ('cause I was lazy XD). But now! It's decided and when I wanted to start a new illustration BADABOUMMM!! I lost my marker color chart! Quietly I go to make a new. After on hour, I start the coloration. But when I begin to color Romano, I didn't remember his colors code. Quietly I did several samples and finally I found the colors. And at the middle of the coloration, I need a sheet for to make samples for Feliciano's colors and what I'm seeing? MY OLD F*CKING BLODDY COLOR CHART!!!! :iconfrageplz:

Seriously, I must to frame that.................. :iconimveryseriousplz:


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